Motion Graphics & Animation

Title Animation - Project Love Run

Animated titles and transitions for "Project Love Run" -A womxn's running group based in Vancouver. I pulled inspiration from design elements on their website to match with their branding. Watch the video here.

Animated Titles - "Waterproof"

Animated titles for my experimental skateboard video, "Water Proof." The titles were projected through a fish tank, then captured and super-imposed onto the video shots. Additional effects were added with the use of a projector and other subtle tricks. Watch the video here.

Animated Tinder Effect - "Too Much"

This animation was made with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere for the music video "Too Much" by Bridal Party. The Tinder UI was re-created in Photoshop, then animated in Premiere. The result was looped on a phone screen to give the full effect of swiping to the left. Watch the video here.

Animated Titles - "Plezzy Promo"

Graphics and animation created for a brand-promotion. The graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator, then projected through a fish-tank to give the ripple-effect.

All filming, editing, graphics and effects were done myself. The brand "Plezzy" is my own brand where I sell clothing and accessories, targeted to "pleasant-minded" outdoor-enthusiasts. Watch the promo here.

Video Intro Animation - "Agnes: The Movie"

Hand-painted animation for the intro of the snowboard film, "Agnes: The Movie." The illustrations were done with a mix of watercolours and acrylics on construction paper. The illustrations were imported, cut out and set into motion with Adobe After Effects. Watch it here.

Graphic Design Work - Plezzy

Plezzy is a pleasant-minded, approachable streetwear brand that I created as a side-project. I created all the designs myself, utilizing a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The designs are intended to be simple, bold, approachable and positive, all while embracing the culture of skateboarding and streetwear.