About Jordan Ettinger

For the past 15+ years, I have been working on a variety of film projects for both personal and commercial purposes. Acquiring a cheap camera in middle school lead to the beginning of a new passion, inspired by skateboarding, comedy skits, and music videos. In high school a friend and I won our first film contest, receiving a $3,000 prize. From there, my passion multiplied, and I've involved myself with filmmaking at every opportunity possible.

I have worked on short films, music videos, skateboard videos, surf films, and have collaborated with brands like Pixel Union, Anian Surfboards, and Camp Brand Goods. I've continued to enter film competitions, and am a 3-time winner of the Whistler 72-Hour Filmmaker Showdown, earning prizes totalling over thirty-thousand dollars. 

I'm grateful for the experiences and opportunities I've had through making films. When I'm not making films, I'm skateboarding, making clothing, and exploring the outdoors.